Club Rules

1. Proof of Membership

All members (senior and junior) must produce evidence of membership on request. If they fail to do so they will then be classed as a non-member and must either pay a non-returnable visitors fee or leave the premises.

2. Balls

Three balls will be provided for each court during club sessions in the playing season (April through to September).

It is the responsibility of players to ensure that the balls are available for play on completion of the set. Balls hit out of bounds are to be retrieved prior to commencement of the next set but not retrieved if on neighbouring properties.

Outside the playing season players must be prepared to provide their own balls.

Badminton members must provide their own shuttlecocks.

3. Play

Court availability is in accordance with the Court Schedule displayed on the notice board. No changes to this schedule are permitted without the prior approval of the Committee.

Courts may be contracted out to other organisations at the discretion of the Committee and may not, therefore, be available to members at these times. Dates and times will be displayed, and due notice will be given.

Doubles shall be played, and singles only when no members are waiting to play. A court must be vacated after a short set when other members are waiting to play.

4. The Board

The Board is to be used during all club sessions.

A player shall place his/her name tag on the Board on arrival, and the top name shall select the set from the first 7 names on the Board.

Any player refusing to play, or not present at the time of selection shall have his/her name tag placed at the bottom of the Board.

A player will not be given his/her name tag for the season until the annual subscription has been paid.

Badminton members must book sessions on their Schedule Board not less than one week ahead.

5. Junior Members

Junior Members are not to bring individuals who are over 18 years old to the Club and sign them in as visitors without the knowledge and permission of either their parents or guardians or a member of the Committee. If there are any concerns over the issue, the designated Child Protection Officer (The Club Secretary) should be consulted.

Top juniors are encouraged to play with seniors during Saturday Club sessions.

Junior members have access to Club premises at all times but where they are not scheduled to be on court they should respect the existing schedule and give way to priority sessions.

  • On Weekdays — Up to 6.00pm only.
  • On Saturdays — Up to 1.00pm and also after 6.00pm for the purpose of playing tennis and if all courts are not required by seniors.
  • On Sundays

During school holidays one court will be kept free for junior play at all times.

6. Dress

Only non-marking shoes are to be worn on court and both senior and junior players are encouraged to wear recognised tennis clothing or track suits.

7. Visitors

A tennis visitor may play no more than three occasions during the year. A badminton visitor can play up to six occasions. After these visits both Tennis and Badminton Players should become members or leave the premises.

Members introducing visitors must see that the names are entered in the Visitors’ Book and are responsible for collection of the fee and its payment to a Committee member (seniors £3, students £2 and juniors £1 for the current season).

Anyone unable to produce evidence of membership on request is deemed, without exception, to be a non-member and must pay a visitors fee.

8. The Kitchen

The kitchen areas are to be left clean and crockery washed and put away. No frying allowed.

9. Damage

A member causing damage to any of the Club’s property or furnishings will be responsible to reimburse the Club for its replacement value as determined by the Committee.