Whiteford Road has always been a very friendly club with its roots going back to 1910 – new members are made most welcome.

If you are a newcomer you will find the “Club Play” sessions an ideal way to start – see below. After a while you will get to know other players of a similar standard, in which case you can arrange to meet during “Open Play” sessions. Players in the Club Play sessions may be able to advise you on suitable players. See the Tennis Courts Schedule

If you are an experienced player you may volunteer or be asked to represent the club in the league.

Club Play Sessions

Open to anyone regardless of age, standard or ability

During Club Play sessions you can just turn up and you are guaranteed a game – provided there is at least one other player there of course! Often you may find as many as 12 to 14 other members to play tennis with. We usually play doubles and use a board system to ensure everyone gets a fair share of games.

The Board System

When you join the club a magnetic tally with your name on it is put on the board in the clubhouse. When you arrive at the club during Club Play sessions, take your name tally and move it into the appropriate position on the board.
If you are first to arrive you put your name tally in the “Court” box of your choice. The next three players to arrive fill up the same Court box and you are ready to play. If more players turn up they start another Court box in the same way as the first box. Anyone arriving after all three Court boxes are filled puts their name tally in the “Waiting” column.  Each court plays 7 games and then finishes.

The “Waiting” column

If you are in the Waiting column, wait until any game finishes (on whatever court) and go over to that court together with anyone else that has been waiting. The member who was at the top of the waiting column has first choice of who to play with. Once the playing members have been chosen the remainder return to the board and put their tallies in the Waiting column. If several games finish at the same time we may have what we call “a big mix-up” – on the same basis as the above but less formal. The over-riding principle is that any member who turns up for a Club Play session is guaranteed a game – provided there are other players to play with!

If I’ve got this wrong (after 3 years) would someone put me right please! – Website Manager

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