Writing a post

The subject matter of a post can be any subject of interest to members such as:-

  • an event – e.g. the result of a league match
  • an aspect of life at this tennis club – e.g. care and maintenance of the courts
  • a practical tip – e.g. where to get your racket re-strung
  • a compliment – e.g. say how nice the garden or the flower beds are looking
  • a suggestion – e.g. can we have a section on this website for newcomers

Writing a post is a relatively easy task – almost as easy as writing an email. In fact, a good way to compose your website content is to write it in your email program and then copy and paste it into your WordPress post. A lot of fancy formatting is not possible (or desirable) on a webpage and your email program will prevent you trying to be too flashy.

The ability to make a contribution to the content of this website is controlled by user access, with increasing levels of access being allocated according to the writer’s capabilities or commitment to the website. See User Roles.

Logging in

Please use the Contact form to let us know you are interested and we’ll send you a username and a password – enough to start writing as a “Contributor”.

To log in click Site Admin on any page on our website (right hand side of footer). Once you have logged in successfully you will be presented with the WordPress control panel – known as the Dashboard.

To create a new post

Use the instructions in Have a go! as a guide

As a “Contributor” your posts will be reviewed by an “Editor” before being published. Please be patient – it may take several days before he/she gets round to doing this.